9 Times Films Were Scientifically Correct

Watching a science fiction film have turned the table as it is more fiction than science. Most of these films are appropriately researched until a point we can relate to the accuracy. Such films take you to another world through space, time, technology and societal advancements.  

Hey guys, welcome to Watch Tank! Today we are going to showcase our top 9 picks of Scientifically Accurate Hollywood movies. 

Number 9: Wall-E   

Wall-E is not one of those cute animated movies you would watch for a change or fun, but it is one of those movies that makes us reflect. The plot revolves around a group of robots and one of them being Wall-E, a robot that cleans garbage on earth.  We, the human race, rely so heavily on technology every single day. Especially during this corona virus pandemic, we could not relate to this movie more, which was released back in 2008. While the film has predicted the large scale dumping of garbage in future, we are a part of the future now, 12 years later we have already polluted the earth. Coronavirus has made us glued to the gadgets even more and adding on to surging of plastic waste. Is the future spoken about actually far away? 

Number 8:  Contact  

The film Contact is based on the novel by Carl Sagan. Carl himself was one of the world’s greatest scientific minds in the field of extraterrestrial research. Even though the film was made two decades ago; it is still ranked to be one of the most scientifically accurate film releases. The film realistically depicts the search and existence of alien life. Radio signals and translation of alien language mixed with mathematical equation have their roots in science. In the movie, Jodie Foster talks about “pi time’s hydrogen”, thus referring to signals emitted by hydrogen atoms, which is a sign of a signal’s intelligent origin. 

Number 7: Gattaca  

A classic film of 1997, Gattaca is a science-fiction movie based on genetic alternation. While the film had predicted genetic alteration back in 1997, we are already living in a world where genetic changes have successfully taken place. Although the film predicts the concept of designer babies, we are not far from that reality. Gattaca rightly depicts the reality of technology in close proximity. The film has partially ceased to be fiction based, as we live the reality described. 

Number 6: Moo 

Stories about the moon and life at the moon has been a constant area of interest. However, with time and a new age of discovery, scientists are learning new things about the celestial object each day. Duncan Jones’ science fiction, Moon, is one of the most underrated movies which has been scientifically correct. The plot revolves around the astronaut Sam, who faces personal crisis by the end of his three-year mining project on the Moon. Sam was responsible for mining valuable resources called helium-3. Scientists have approved of the concept that the Moon contains vast quantities of helium-3, which in the near future could be a great source of energy if harnessed properly. An article on Scientific American had approved this theory.

Number 5: The Martian  

It is one of the most scientifically accurate space travel movies of its time. The Martian is based on Andy Weir’s novel with the same name. The film provides a realistic glimpse about a man stranded on Mars. The film digs deep into the surviving strategies made by Mark played by Matt Damon on mars. He plans to grow potatoes in the soil formed by human excrement. It provides a realistic base for theories to form on how there can be life on Mars. The film was scientifically accurate when they were dealing with problems related to the gravitational force on Mars. The heavy equipment, the quick flow of water, the steps taken to walk, which looks like Mark was hopping and catching a cold too often since Heat dissipates quickly.  


Number  4: Interstellar  

As Interstellar opened its door for its release in 2014, it also opened a door towards black holes and wormholes. The plot and concept spoken about in the film is based on the advice of renowned theoretical physicist, Kip Thorne, who also happens to be the producer of the film. We are taken through a tunnel that allows quick travel, the one that separates different parts of the universe. It depicts the search of distant land due to global crop failure, something which is not too distant in the future. 

Number 3:  2001, A Space Odyssey  

Kubrick’s 1969 classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey has been on one of the most scientifically accurate films ever produced. It has the most amount of scientific accuracy. From the Earth’s satellites to the depiction of the centrifugal force, everything depicted in the film has been properly researched. The fact that the film is meticulously researched is evident in the film. There have been a number of films dealing with similar concepts, A Space Odyssey has been the most accurate. The scientific community was also taken aback by its accuracy. 

Number  2: Blade Runner  

Ridley Scott was the pioneer to bring science-fiction to the cinema. The film was based in the year 2019 while it was filmed in the year 1982. Blade Runner not only made scientific predictions but also set a starting point to explore science fiction as a genre for making films. Few representations include artificially substitution of organs, artificial intelligence and colonizing other planets. He made it a point to not merely entertain us but educate us with scientific accuracy, which we find to be a pretty normal thing.  

Before we take you to our top 1 pick here are some honorable mentions-  

 The Day the Earth Stood Still  


 Over the Moon  

 The Thing  

Number 1: Her 

Jonze has marked his creative genius on creating Her. The plot revolves around a lonely man, Joaquin Phoenix, who falls for his operating system. Jonze’s vision of a perfect love story is different yet attainable. This kind of technology will be here sooner than you can imagine. Ray Kurzweil, a computer scientist and futurist, praised the film’s science, assuring that the concept is believable. 

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