Cultural Shift Featuring Work From Home

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Working from home has proved to be very productive since time and again, but most of the companies didn’t allow telecommuting. While employees of high tech companies still had access to this feature for a while, it wasn’t favoured for most. Covid-19 has created history and is continually building history every day by acquainting the public with ways of leading our lives.
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Work life balance is one such field that has gone under drastic change. The tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Microsoft, having the most significant number of employees have kept their doors shut from welcoming the staff back to the office.

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Different companies have different policies for working from home. Google and Facebook have allowed their employees to work from home till 2021. While Microsoft and Amazon aim to reopen post in October 2020. However, Microsoft has made working pretty flexible by giving the employees the option to either join work or work from a home post October 2020.

Work from home has become too long a reality as of now. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, sent an email to his employees, “ramp back to the office will be slow, deliberate and incremental.” Twitter made a game-changing announcement. It states that employees can continue working from home for, forever. Who thought telecommunication would become such a huge part of our lives?

As much as work from home seems flexible, and a good alternative until the pandemic is over, it has several dramatic changes too. The real estate value of these companies is reduced. Individual companies are planning to transfer the work from home culture by helping the employees upgrade their office at home monetarily. How has the new cultural shift worked out for you?

It’s been a while since a lot of people were struggling to explain to their employer how working at home was a possibility, now that we are stuck at home and practicing the same for a more extended time than thought, it has some adverse effects on employees. It might be good family time for the ones who have a family, but what if the workplace is the only family one has? How does one cope up with isolation? The loss of physical human connection along with random two-minute coffee break conversation has made most the people deprived of the feeling of being accepted. Even if the tables turn and one has to resume work for their workplace, they have maintained a distance from people.

Working from home can give rise to extreme conditions in a helpless situation. It can either help to maintain the work and family life balance or destroy it. The learning process is hampered. Just like schools, work environment and their employees grow when working with peers and proper networking. There is a higher possibility for employees to work longer than usual working hours. Covid-19 has proved to be the best time for freelancers to be recognized and accept as equals to any employees. The entire work culture has got a higher up-gradation. The pandemic is accelerating the work from home culture, a process that was already underway.

However, the work can get challenging depending on the work pattern, and the role one plays or the kind of company one belongs to. Not all are privileged enough to work for the tech giants or have a suitable role in working it out from home. A particular section of Amazon employees had to work through COVID-times. Logistic companies dealing with essentials have equally worked hard just like our other frontline workers.

To do work from home needs a lot of coordination and security while simultaneously dealing with domestic work in the background. There is an obvious, inevitable question that the employer has in mind since this culture is at its peak. Does he need such a large work area? Is there a need to incorporate too much furniture? When will the employees start working from home? What will it take to adopt remote working? The office is practically just shut and empty, just taking up some space and generating exorbitant rent. Some politicians are considering the right to work from home to become law—Germany’s labour minister.



A popular mockumentary TV series called The Office, quite obvious of its name, depicts the everyday life of employees in Pennsylvania. It presents the awkward situation and problems employees often face and have to deal with while at work. The producers, Ben Silverman and Paul Lieberstein have announced working on a series based on the work from home concept. The makers of The Office marks to change the perspective of people through their new release.


Shopping and marketing business is facing a huge loss, but they are trying to make a good comeback. Clothing brands and online shopping platforms have incorporated the category of work from home to pick out a comfortable piece of clothing. Brands like Van Heusen and platforms like Myntra are promoting products to support work from home.

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