Top 10 Cartoon Songs

Cartoon songs: In a pool full, top 10 lay afloat

Today we at Watch Tank are counting down our top 10 picks of cartoon songs. We have chosen songs from Cartoon Network to Disney with an aim to take you down memory lane as you sing along with us. The imprints of these songs are left in our minds such that we can instantly relate to it within a split second, even though we have not heard them in a while.

Number 10: Johnny Bravo

An American animated series by Van Partible for Cartoon Network. Johnny looks more like a caricature than a character who is often unsuccessful in getting to date a girl. He in turn, gets into unavoidable and bizarre situations, bringing out laughter than plight. Johnny’s character is loosely based on Elvis Presley, as the show is partially based on pop culture and adult humour.

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