Top 10 Creepy Melodies in Games

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Video games are as interesting and captivating as a storybook or mystery film. Apart from making you enjoy the game at each level with an interesting background, levels and players, it is accompanied with supporting melodies.  

Melodies elevate the game as it gives a touch to the distinct atmosphere to blend in with the players. The melodies also add to the narrative of the game. 

Hey, guys welcome back to Watch Tank. Today you will watch a compilation of our top 10 creepy melodies in games.

Number 10: Ancient Machine  

The song is considered a commercial success as an increase in the legitimacy of the video game music was noticed in the entertainment industry. Ancient Machine is the tenth track included in the Halo 2 video game, which is played in various levels of the game. It is mostly heard in the Quarantine Zone. The electronic music adds to the eeriness in the atmosphere of the game. Martin O’Donnell has written the instrumental piece with his partner, Michael Salvatori. 

Number 9: Giygas  

Also known as Giegue, it is a cosmic destroyer and embodiment of evil. Giygas is the antagonist in the EarthBound video game and has a battle theme song which brings horror and darkness. The song starts with ominous breathing that gives off the feeling that something horrifying is about to awaken. The song has an alien static sound in the game which is high pitched while the battle goes around in the background. The song plays only during the parts where the battle takes place, in order to get the sequence of the song, you might have to read it outside the game. 

Number 8: Looping Stairs 

The main obstacle within the Mushroom Castle is the endless staircase. If Mario has less than 80 power stars, then the player will be able to open the door to the endless stairs but the player will not be allowed to cross it. Imagine having to wait on that infinite staircase and listening to this song on repeat with the red coloured stairs in the backdrop. If the background is not creepy enough, the Looping Stairs melody definitely will. What was your take when you got stuck on that staircase? Let us know in the comments below. 

Number 7: The Tomb of the Ancient  

The game Rayma takes you to an ancient burial ground deep inside a jungle. The music feels clichéd. The piano, scratching, haunting sounds and the ghostly feeling lingers. Zombie chicken and creepy crawlers accompany the spooky song. It gives you the feeling as if something could pounce on you anytime. 

Number 6: The Mansion Basement  

To experience a psiece of terrifying music along with enjoying an exciting game, the mansion basement is a song for you. This song was released for Play Station Dual Shock version of the game, Resident of Evil. Music adds on to the atmosphere of eeriness. Apparently, there was a controversy regarding the composer of the song. It is believed to have been composed by a ghostwriter since the original composer named was both deaf and dumb. The mansion basement is considered to be a piece of classic horror music to date. 

Number 5 Ladies of the Woods 

The famous and polished song, Ladies of the Wood, is composed by Marcin Przybyłowicz. He has craftily utilized instruments like hurdy-gurdy and the kemenche that adds flavour and feels to the song.  The scope and majestic build up in the game is matched with the song. The propulsive drumbeat and out-of-tune violin scratch all descend gradually, making the game more frightening. The game takes us through the adventure of Geralt, and we keep digging into the darker aspects of the game as we play along. It is through this journey that brings us to ’Ladies of the Woods’, as evil hangs loom in the game. 

Number 4: Prayer  

The song Prayer is played in Silent Hill, composed by Akira Yamaoka. The song is gravelly, and something that is not comforting to the ears. The song is performed in the background when Heather fights the agony of God within her womb while talking to Claudia and when Heather Mason fights the Memory of Alessa on the carousel. Prayer is also played in the movie with the same name. Some questions will pop up in your head while the creepy track plays in the background. Some of the obvious one being, whether the results of the haunting psalm bring death or dismemberment. 

Number 3: Acre Underworld  

A popular action-adventure game played in third person narrative, in Assassin’s Creed, the player is supposed to carry out a number of assassinations ordered by the leader. While the game involves gruesome acts, it is supported by creepy background music to add on to the atmosphere. While the theme of the game is medieval, the song is contemporary. Acre Underworld is one of the songs composed by Jesper Kyd. He has produced six tracks for Assassin’s Creed. Kyd gave it a ‘historical horror’ sound which was achieved by low pedal notes and vocal snippets. Have you found this song to be creepy too? 

Number 2: Lavender Town  

Lavender Town is a fictional place in Pokémon Red and blue video game. It is home to Pokémon tower, a graveyard. The audience has had interests in the music because it is unsettling and unusual. The orchestral arrangements add fuel to the power of terror and eeriness.  This song had led to something called creepypastas, where about 200 Japanese children committed suicide upon listening to the song. Apparently the beats of the song which were high-pitched, in a way immune to adults, lead  to “Lavender Town Syndrome”. The Lavender Town theme was reworked upon and was given a happier tone while it kept in mind the storyline as the Pokémon Tower is demolished. 

Before we take you to our number 1 pick, here are some special mentions. 

 Special mentions:  

  Let’s Step Back into Class, please 

 A Dancer of the Boreal Valley 

The Hunter 

Number 1: River Twygz Bed  

It is one of the scariest songs in the Super Mario game. The River Twygz is located in the Underwhere in-game, where the dead congregate. The idea is to cross the River Twygz, which means, jumping off the boat and getting the water, which gets darker as you go deeper. The song adds fuel to the atmosphere and the background. It won’t miss giving you shrill down your spine. 

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