Top 10 Indian Short Films

Off late, short films have been a genre many filmmakers mark their flag. It is an excellent platform for them to showcase their talents. Short films are famous for their brevity and grabbing our attention instantly, making a short film has a tricky proposition; however, it is always the passion of the filmmaker that drives him into some fantastic production.

Here’s a compilation by Watch Tank of the top 10 Indian short films that have come out in recent times.

Number 10: Rear View

Terribly Tiny Tales (ttt) had started their journey with the genre of micro-fiction and have tried their hands on short films. Rear View is a story between a well-spirited cab driver and his stressed passenger. Both these characters are quite unlike each other but leave an impact on each other’s lives. The story is dedicated to all the fathers in the world who’s love is invisible yet unconditional.

Number 9: Kheer

Kheer, a short film by TTT, tackles the complex subject of love. It is quite an unusual conversation between characters from different age group. The story portrays the versatility of love and how it changes with time, as all of us do. Initially, it seems like a usual tale of grandparents getting into a fight for little things, but it changes to a story about the bond between grandchildren and grandparents.

Number 8: Interior Café Night

Unrequited is t love is the central theme of the short film. The coffee shop backdrop and unexpected chances are the settings. Reuniting lovers has been witnessed a thousand times, but this wins the plot twist as it parallels the plot against another couple parting their ways. The story sets some simple question. Does a breakup really signify an end? Or does finding each other mark the beginning?

Number 7: Anukul

The creative genius, Satyajit Ray has left his literary mark even three decades after his death, Anukul is based on his short story. It is directed by Sujoy Ghosh who is well renounced for his work such as Kahaani and yet another short film Ahalya. Anukul transports us to the world of artificial intelligence; a world where machines have rights. Staring Shukla and Parambrata Chatterjee, it is a thought-provoking and witty short film which leaves behind cinematic brilliance.

Number 6: Detour

“A lot can happen over a pool ride” could be the next anthem. Detour, a Pocket Film Production, introduces two strangers on a Friday night in an uber pool car ride. Both the characters and plot are effortless as the script and leave a lasting impression in our hearts. It’s based on a short conversation between two characters, while one of them has a bad day at work. What do you think the conversation went like?

Number 5: The Twist

Another short film that brings out the sweet and loving relationship between a grandmother and a grandson. Grandparents have the solution to every problem from a hungry stomach to impressing your crush. While the protagonist fights the odds that come his way to impress his crush, he learns to appreciate and reconnect with his grandmother. This short film is starring Sushama Deshpande and Ritvik Sahore, part ways on a happy note.

Number 4: Ahalya

It is one of those short films that leave you speechless by the end of 14 minutes. One of the creepiest made short films of the year 2020. From the makers of Kahaani, Sujoy Ghosh and produced by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films leaves the imprint of dramatic genius on screen. It is story based on Ramayana which has been given a slightly more mythical story with a feminist twist. Starring Radhika Apte, Topta Roy Chowdhury and Bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee promise to keep you hooked till the end.

Number 3: Nawab

The story of Nawab revolves around a man whose wife dumps him for a job opportunity. She also leaves behind the dog the couple had adopted. While the man a barely has the heart to deal with himself plans to dumb the unwanted dog. What happens next is the twist in the story which will not leave you disappointed. But the question is, are pets supposed to be dumped as and when we feel like? Don’t pets deserve unconditional too?

Number 2: Chutney

A subtle, subtle short film that sells the audience chutney and a story. One of the best thrillers produced that will keep you wanting for more. The film surely makes you think of a plot twist but not enough for you to predict it. Tisca Chopra marked her debut as a producer in this short film. The direct has tried to keep the situation as real as possible on screen. The film takes you to an end you would least expect that justifies the film’s title.

Before we go to top of the list, here are some honorable mentions,

White Shirt – Summit Arora

Nayantara’s Necklace – by Jaydeep Sarkar

El’Ayichi- by Terribly Tiny Tales

Number 1: Devi

2020 is a host of several short films, but Devi has left a profound impact. Directed and written by Priyanka Banerjee, the short film touches upon the social issue of rape culture in India. It portrays the plight of women who are raped irrespective of their age and left to either die or tortured most brutally. It points out the sheer ignorance by the government on such a real issue where thousands of women await for justice. In a house full of women, there marks a sudden continuous ringing of the doorbell. Should the newcomer be let in? Is there space enough for everyone? The new entry will shake you up. Indian society is right up the centre stage.

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