Top 10 Long Shows to Keep You Entertained

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Over the years there has been an increase in the number of TV series being aired. However, there are some shows which have been the longest running shows and have adapted themselves to the change in time. Most of them are more than ten years old and have managed to grab our attention against all the odds. 

Hey guys, welcome back to Watch Tank, today we going to take you to our Top 10 pick of Long Shows that have kept us entertained. 

Number 10: The Andy Griffith Show 

A situational comedy series, The Andy Griffith Show is an American series that first aired in 1960. It starred Andy Griffith who played the character of Andy Taylor, living life in Mayberry. While it’s a family comedy series, it realistically portrays the flaws of people from a small town who are equally intelligent but not recognized for their capabilities. Decades later, Friday Night Lights and Gilmore Girls, which also happens to be two of the most extended series, have based their work on the same concept. The Andy Griffith Show aired 150 episodes in black and white and 90 episodes in colour. 

Number 9: Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood 

Fred Rogers hosted a children’s show covering different topics of their interest. The TV show aired over 800 episodes. The neighbourhood was full of puppet characters which had a groundbreaking style of teaching children sensitive issues. It was named Mister Rogers when it was first aired in 1963, but it got a lasting name after the show moved to Pittsburgh in 1966. The longest running show was taken over by Sesame Street. After the end of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, a new spinoff had started and is still airing. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood by Sony is loosely based on Mister Rogers. The film, which is now broadcasting on Amazon Prime talks about the host’s kindness rather than his celebrity status. 

Number 8: Sesame Street 

The show was first aired in 1969 which has taught generations after generation alphabets, number and lesson. When Sesame Street first aired, it was one of the preschool based TV shows. But now, it has been competing with about 100 kids TV shows and countless other shows. The fact that the show has 46+ seasons speaks volumes. What makesSesame Street unique is that their scripts are reviewed by child development experts, thus incorporating them in the show. Characters like Elmo and Cookie Monster have been the most successful. The new season of Sesame Street includes more animated characters than real street characters to compete with other kid shows. 

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Number 7: Saturday Night Live 

A landmark in American television was Saturday Night Live, which aired on the National Broadcasting Company. It was originally called NBC’s Saturday Night from 1975–77, then changed to Saturday Night Live. We can tell from the name itself that the 90 minute show aired every Saturday. It gave a platform for launching comedians’ careers. You have 45 seasons to complete watching this show. 

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Number 6: Gilmore Girls 

Amy Sherman-Palladino created Gilmore Girls, an American comedy drama series with its first episode airing in the year 2000. The show has a satirical presentation of society in a fictional town. It digs up issues related to friendship, romance, family, education ambition and so on. The show has the ability to keep you hooked till the last episode due to its cross-generation appeal mixed with drama and humour. 

Number 5: Law & Order  

Dick Wolf produced Law & Order, one of the longest legal drama series. National Broadcasting Company (NBC) aired the show from 1990 to 2010 which ran through 20 seasons and has won an Emmy Award from best drama series in 1997. Due to its popularity, it was made a franchise with different adaptation to video games, series and television films. 

Number 4: Little House on the Prairie 

The series is an adaptation of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s best-selling series of Little House books. Little House on the Prairie is yet another historical drama series which was first aired on March 30th 1974 with having a total number of 210 episodes. The series loosely adapted the book by just adhering to certain key events and elements. Mary’s eventual blindness, and Laura’s future, remains the most important parts mentioned. 

Number 3: The Simpsons 

The show is so long that it has the possibility to outlast its own network, Fox Broadcasting Company. Created by Matt Groening, The Simpsons family epitomizes working-class life in a satirical fashion. Simpsons was first aired in 1989 and has 684 episodes and counting since then. It is the longest-running scripted primetime TV series. The popularity of the series is seen in a number of adaptations, one of them being the Simpson Movie, which was released in 2007. A video game based on the show has also been released. The Simpsons brilliantly documents human endeavours that belong to every museum.   

Number 2: Doctor Who 

The concept of time travel which doesn’t seem like science-fiction anymore was made into a TV show back in 1963. BBC’s Doctor Who was a part of British pop culture which was much appreciated by viewers. The program dealt with the adventures of a Time Lord called the Doctor who explores the universe in a time-travelling space ship called Tardis. By 2006, it was known as the longest running TV show with 723 episodes in 43 years and had entered the Guinness Book of Records. 

Before we take you to our top 1 pick, here are some honorable mentions: 

America’s Funniest Home Videos 



Star Trek: Next Generation 

Number 1: South Park  

The series gained popularity after making its debut in Comedy Central in 1997. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are the creators of the American series, South Park. The plot revolves around four boys and how they satirize the irrational and hypocritical behaviour of adults in the titular town of Colorado. The boys’ voicing of opinions takes the adults, who often have distorted views on morality and society, by surprise. South Park was popular enough to be able to hit pop culture news. It has been awarded five Primetime Emmy Awards and Peabody Award. 

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