Top 10 Opening Credit Songs

Netflix and other OTT platforms have already drawn several viewers for the kind of original content they produce. You see, it not just the content but also their opening credits that has grabbed our attention. Most often, theme songs give the plot information, and that is how the viewers know what they are about to watch. You are blessed with the ‘skip intro’ button, but these platforms will not let you skip through some of their opening songs. Here’s a top 10 opening credit songs compilation by Watch Tank.

Number 10: House of Cards

The opening song of House of Cards has been one of the Emmy-nominated themes, including Outstanding Music Composition and Original Main Title theme. It is an exceptional result of work from composer Jeff Beal along with executive producer, David Fincher. Beal has earlier worked on several series and documentaries namely, Carnivàle and Monk and Blackfish. The show is based on an excellent adaptation of the book House of Cards written by Beau Willimon.

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