Top 12 Movie Plot Twists

Films with notable plot twists often leave their imprints in our minds. They keep the audience hooked till the very end not giving out way too much in unfolding the story till you reach the climax and question yourself, “what did I just see?”  

Number 12: Taking Lives

An aptly used title to the film will tell you what the film could be about. The plot revolves around Matt Soulsby, a teen who enjoys taking lives of other people. The film starts with the killing of Martin Asher. After killing Martin, Matt takes his guitar and sings along as he walks down the road. Taking Lives is directed by D.J. Caruso. The director plans the different murders in a pattern that maintains the thrill. Twenty years later, a cop named Illeana Scott played by Angelina Jolie, comes to Canada to hunt down the killer herself. While Matt’s mother claims to have seen his son and assures he is evil.

Number 11: Table Number 21

The film transports us and the couple to Fiji. They were lucky to win a ticket to spend their holiday on a luxurious note. But whether this ticket actually stands lucky for the couple is the question. Table number 21 is a taunt thriller. The fun holiday turns into a rags-to-riches experience but with a price to pay. The couple is revealed as a part of a reality show with 8 million viewers. The game is hosted by Mr. Khan, played by Paresh Rawal. The game has some very simple rules, lie once and you die. The couple Vivaan and Siya is torn between truth, lies and reality.

Number 10: Gone Girl

Gone Girl is based on a novel written by Gillian Flynn by the same name. It is yet another entertainment thriller with an unpredictable plot twist adapted by David Fincher. Our attention is constantly divided due to different plot shifts. Our perspective and emphasis is also moving as we have to keep up with the mystery of the disappearance of Amy on her fifth wedding anniversary with Nick, her husband and a popular magazine columnist. Nick was suspected of killing his wife. Amy returns with a story of being kidnapped and her narrow escape. But what is the actual truth? Watch it to find out.

Number 9: Kahaani

A female, Vidya Bagchi, played by Vidya Balan taking the centre stage. Set in the background of Kolkata, the story is a masterpiece that has won both our minds and our hearts. The plot revolves around Vidya Bagchi, a woman who has come down from London to Kolkata in search for her missing husband. There are various people who helped her in the process, while a cop named Satyoki Rana, has been her strongest support. By the end of the film the entire focus has switched towards the woman than her lost husband. The police thought, they were using Vidhya to reach Milan, but actually they were the ones being used by Vidhya. Vidhya craftfully used the cops as her puppet to reach Milan. Vidhya is not like those action women characters, she does not have leather boots, jackets nor does she enjoy focal entry. She is one of us, using her intelligence to solve the mystery.

Number 8: Seven

David Fincher is a man of genius. He takes us through a psychological journey through his movies and one of these is Seven. It is one of the darkest and merciless films made by Fincher. The setting is of constant rain as constant as the murders are planned. The serial killer interestingly slays his victims according to the seven deadly sins. Thus the apt use of the film title. The film constantly reminds us of gruesomeness with regular references from Dante’s Inferno, Milton’s Paradise Lost and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. It is not one of those comfortable crime movies but the one that leaves your head spinning and stomach churning as it alerts our sensory organs.

Number 7: The Departed

Directed by Martin Scorsese, The Departed is a film where two men are trying to realise their inner selves while standing on either side of law. It blurs the line between the identities and loyalties of these men. The film is inspired by Alan Mak and Andrew Lau’s Infernal Affairs, a successful Hong Kong film of recent years. The plot involves the role exchange between two men, one a cop and the other a gangster. There is a conflict between their public and real image. After 7 years, they have come to identify with themselves. But when the actual cops suspect they have an informer among them, they encounter a dilemma: what if they assign the informer to catch himself? The undercover life is constantly dramatized as it is constantly examining the conscious and the subconscious.

Number 6: Zodiac

What happens when you see dead bodies down the road over and over again? Apart from an investigation, David Fincher makes a movie out of it. Therein lays his dramatic genius as he tracks the stories of a serial killer. Zodiac tells a story of a man who terrorized San Francisco in the 1960s-70s. The film itself opens with a murder. There are some key actors that have helped in plot building, Paul Avery played by Robert Downey Jr and editorial cartoonist Robert Graysmith played by Jake Gyllenhaal. With the investigation going on, Arthur became a suspect in the case. They find resemblance of the zodiac watch he wears to the logo used by the killer, though his handwriting did not match the letters. The film is based on Graysmith’s books about the case.

Number 5: Shutter Island

Set in 1954 post world war, where U.S. marshal Teddy Daniels, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and his partner Chuck Aule, played by Mark Ruffalo, ferry to Shutter Island. Here lays a water-bound mental hospital housing the criminally insane. The pair is assigned to investigate the disappearance of a child murderer, Rachel Solando, who was admitted to the asylum. But, in reality no one can leave the island alive. Where could Rachel possibly go? The primary aspect of the film is its senses. There are underlying secrets and trauma that runs parallel throughout the plot. Teddy has his own secret when he comes to this island in search for his wife’s murderer. He is stuck in the island due to bad weather conditions and his stay eventually brings out his madness. The thrill of the film visuals grabs our attention. There are some obvious questions that come up our minds, “what is this supposed to mean?” We ask, and Teddy asks, too.

Number 4: Fight Club

This movie is classic from 1999 that can’t miss a mention. It is one of the greatest films of all times. There are many underlying themes as we are introduced to the narrator, the one caught up in the loop of consumerism. The plot revolves around violence, breakdown, isolation, threat and chaos. The plot is about the narrator who happens to meet Tyler, who sells soap. Tyler challenges the narrator to a fight. It is since then that a flight Club is formed, where disaffected and alienated men can beat the hell out of each other. The fights are meaningless yet bloody and wild. The inner frustration of each one is brought out through the fight. The theme blends well with excellent cinematography, with the use of darkness, both with one selves and the timing used in the movie. There is absence of natural light throughout the film. The will show you exactly what you think. David Fincher’s psychological thriller is felt with a big twist. The plot is outlined to leave its viewers reeling and not a little confused. The ending scene takes us back to where we had begun. As the narrator pulls the trigger into his mouth, Tyler falls down the floor with his brains leaking out. The narrator had killed his otherself and loses every sense in the world.

Number 3: Andhadhun

There is always more than what our eyes see and this is truly expressed in Andhadhun. An apparent blind man is supposed to report a murder he witnessed. The film starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Radika Apte, have taken a good amount of time in the first half of the movie to build the suspense and tension. The script is well designed as it makes the audience occasionally chuckle and appreciate dark comedy. The film seems to be inspired by a short film called The Piano Tuner directed by Olivier Treiner.

Number 2: Prestige

Christopher Nolan’s psychological thriller Prestige is based on a novel written by Christopher Priest of the same name. Robert Angier and Alfred Borden were fake volunteers for Milton the Magician. With a mistake that led to the drowning of Julia, Robert’s wife, brought about a lifelong hatred between Robert and Alfred. As a matter of their consequence, both of them started their own magic show, each engaging in a competitive one-upmanship. But can a battle go far enough without fatal consequences?

Before we take you to our top 1 pick, here are some honorable mentions-

The Parasite

A Wednesday


Number 1: Predestination

Can 5 people have the same identity? No, right? Well, Predestination written by Michael and Peter Spierig, will make you believe in the possibility. The film is based on All You Zombies by Robert A. Heinlein. Predestination is one of the best films in the field of time travel. There a number of paradoxes one cannot possibly ignore. To support the plot, excellent use of production design and cinematography has been done rather than just lavish special effects.

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