Top 13 Tik Tok Trends that Ended in Disaster

Tik tok is a social media platform where people put up fun videos using special effects in them to make the outcome either funny or creepy. But these trends have turned tables as some dangerous challenges are taken up by become viral and as people, especially students have been trying to complete these challenges out of both fun and peer pressure have gone viral for wrong reasons.  

Hey guys, this is Watch Tank bringing forward our Top 13 Tik Tok challenges that ended in disaster. 

Number 13: The Cereal Challenge 

As simple it sounds, in reality it is gross. This challenge requires two participants, plus cereal and milk. One of the participants lay flat on surface and is made to open its mouth which is stuffed with cereal and milk. The other participant is supposed to take a spoonful of that mix from the former participant’s mouth. The aim of this challenge is to replicate a bowl full of cereal. While this style of video goes viral, an alternative style to this challenge was also formed. One such occasion is when this challenge is taken up by a man and his dog. It ends up with the dog eating cereal out of a man’s mouth.  

Number 12: Throw It in the Air 

This challenge involves a group of people to form a circle, look down on the phone to shoot the video as you throw some heavy object up in the air. This game has the simplest of rule of not taking your eyes off the camera. The only way to skip a hit is by praying your way out.  

Number 11: The Bright Eye Challenge 


A bizarre challenge that trended on Tik Tok was the bright eye challenge. It requires hand sanitizer, bleach and shaving cream. All of these are to be placed in a plastic bag and are to be placed on the eye of the participant for a minute to change the colour of the iris. This trend has proved to be dangerous as it may cause permanent damage to the eye sight and skin damage.  

Number 10: The Cha Cha Slide Challenge 

After the break the skull challenge, Cha Cha challenge has been the most dangerous challenge. Cha Cha is a popular song by D.J. Casper often used in celebratory events. But the new trend of using this song as a part of tik tok challenges includes one to drive through the lyrics. As the song of the lyrics suggests, the driver will take a quick right or left. These sudden changes can lead the driver to crash into the usual flow of traffic which may lead to loss of life and property.  

Number 9: The Pass Out Challenge 

This challenge reminds us of the choking challenge which had gone viral in the past. The pass out challenge has similar consequences. It may lead to death in most cases. In this challenge, the participants have to move their heads side to side repeatedly until they pass out. This pass out is usually caused due to temporarily cut in the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.

Number 8: The condom challenge 

Another internet challenge causing risk to teens is the condom challenge. There are two kinds. One is used though the nasal cavity while the other requires water. It requires a minimum of two participants. The one involving his nasal cavity and inhaling it until it re-emerges into the person’s mouth. The one involving water requires the condom to be filled with water and drop it on one’s head. This may result in enveloping the participant’s face and make it seem like they are immersed in water.   

Number 7: Ki Ki Challenge  

The kiki challenge is based on a Canadian singer, Drake’s hit song “In My Feelings”. As an act of enjoy songs, participants have started a viral trend where they come out of cars, leaving the door open and dance along the song on the streets while the vehicle moves in slow motion. After dancing through the chorus, the participant is supposed to jump back into the car.  

Number 6: The Blue Whale Challenge

The blue whale challenge is just an alternative name to a suicidal game. It aims at teens as they are given 50 tasks which are to be completed in 50 days. The tasks were bizarre as they moved every number ahead. By the end of the task, it requires the participant to kill himself. The task has led to numerous deaths around the world. 

Number 5: The choking challenge 

It is practice among teens out of fun. In this challenge, the teens strangulate themselves for a brief moment to feel a brief high. This is caused as a result of oxygen rushing back to the brain after a brief cut off. Objects such as rope or scarves are often used to get high. The game results in death in most cases due to the use of such objects.  

Number 4: The hot water challenge 

This challenge is the reversal of the ice bucket challenge. The hot water challenge involves a minimum of two participants where one of them is pranked with dumping boiling hot water on the body. It creates a major threat to the body as it leads to severe burns.  

Number 3: Coronavirus Challenge   

13 1

What will be your take on licking a toilet seat? A Tik Tok and Instagram influencer named Ava Louise will answer it with her actions. She had started the coronavirus challenge when she licked the airplane toilet seat. She mentioned the act was monetized. Tik tok has taken down the video on the day it was posted.  She was also blocked by Twitter right after. While the whole world was being cautious by constantly taking up safety measures, influencers were taking up dangerous and bizarre challenges just for media attention. The challenge had started off to prove the disease cannot be transmitted. Another social media influencer, Larz, took up the challenge and a few days later, he informed his followers that he has been hospitalised and reportedly got the coronavirus disease. 

Number 2: The Penny Challenge 

13 2

One of the most absurd and dangerous challenges was the penny challenge. This viral challenge involves the simplest of the products, a phone charger and a plug point. All it takes to mess this simple set up is sliding down a penny in the gap between the charger and the socket. This not only leads to spark but may in most cases lead to fire. 


Number 1: The Skull Breaker Challenge 


As the name suggests, the skull breaker challenge went viral like crazy and got some ridiculous outcomes. This act needed 3 people and a camera to shoot the video. The three companions have to jump at alternate timings. First, the ones on the edges jump followed by the one in the centre. As the one in the centre leaves the ground, the companions in the edges knocks them down leading to serious injuries. The one in the middle practically falls on his back and gets a hit on the skull.  


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