Top 8 Moments from High School Musical

In 2006, Disney made history with its musical film High School Musical. This became Disney’s most successful original movie ever produced. High school musical formed the base for its film franchise and series of sequels, High School Musical 2 and 3.

The film centers around stories about high school students and their discovery of their hidden talents. It is a high school one could only dream of. The film series has an amalgamation of unique characters along with some celebrated moments.

Number 8: Sharpay and Ryan moments 

Known to grab all the awards at high school, the siblings stand true to the term “you have my back”. Ryan is always helping his sister in malicious acts and dancing along with her most of the times.  They have unique and hilarious ways of dealing with stress right before any performance. As much as we see a healthy relationship between Sharpay and Ryan on the sets of High School Musical, in reality they cannot stand each other. 

Number 7: Coach Bolton’s Speech

Coach’s locker room speech is one of the most influential speeches in High School Musical 3 Senior Year. He reminds them that it is their last year as team Wildcats. It is their last 16 minutes as a team. He motivates them to do their best. This is one of the sports moment in the high school musical series which is alternately dominated by a basketball team.

Number 6: Troy and Sharpay Moment 

Troy proves he is a man of his words when he agrees to sing with Sharpay. Sharpay has always tried to keep Troy and Gabriella away throughout the movie series, however, in High School Musical 2, Troy finds out Sharpay’s plans and decides not to sing with her in the concert. But Troy manages to take us by surprise. 

Number 5: Hilarious Moments 

 As much as the film series is united by complicated relationships, basketball, school campus life and music, another dominant factor was some hilarious moments in the film. While some may not always invoke laughter till you cry, some definitely leave you giggling.  

Number 4: Dominance of the Basketball Game 

We see the boy gang forming over the three film series over the game of basketball. There are some minor but significant moments involving basketball in the film that have shaped or changed the line of events. It is one of those games that takes you back to school and gives you a nostalgic feeling every time you watch it.  

Number 3: Back to school  

As the name suggests, it has an obvious implication of missing summer break and winter break. High school musical 1 starts with last day of winter vacation and the second series starts with last day before summer break. 

Number 2: Troy and Gabriella moments   

The star couple has evolved over the film series and has won our hearts over and over again. They are essentially the main characters of the plot. The audience is always hoping to witness a happy ending for them.  

Before we take you to our number 1 pick, here are some of songs played in the film series that deserve honorable mention. 


Can I Have This Dance  


All for One 

Breaking free  


Graduation song 

Number 1: Graduation Speech by Troy

With Troy’s graduation speech, this marks the end of their high school days as he appreciates all his mentors and friends he made at high school.

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